Ipsen is a global specialty-driven biotechnological group with total sales exceeding €1.2 billion in 2014. Ipsen sells more than 20 drugs in more than 115 countries, with a direct commercial presence in 30 countries. Ipsen’s ambition is to become a leader in specialty healthcare solutions for targeted debilitating diseases. Its development strategy is supported by 3 franchises: neurology, endocrinology and urology-oncology.

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Nutricia specialises in the delivery of foods for special medical purposes for patients with specific nutritional needs, such as those with disease related malnutrition, inborn errors of metabolism, cow milk allergy and early Alzheimer disease, as well as those needing specialised tube feeding. Science is at the very heart of our nutrition and health commitment. Thus we focus our skills and resources to deliver evidence-based, specialised nutrition to patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly.

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Permobil AB. We have a phenomenal range of power wheelchairs, chassis and seats for adults as well as for children and teenagers, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. We have a worldwide support and service organization which guarantees safety and positive cooperation throughout the entire life of the wheelchair. We are committed to bringing the latest technology to our customers. transforming the wheelchair into a natural platform for movement, communication and interaction with the environment.

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Tobii Dynavox, part of the Tobii Group (STO: TOBII), is the leading provider of touch and eye tracking based assistive technology hardware and software for those with communication and mobility impairments. Tobii Dynavox has helped thousands of individuals with disabilities such as aphasia, autism, cerebral palsy, ALS, muscular dystrophy, Rett syndrome and spinal cord injury lead fuller and richer lives. Tobii Dynavox stands at the forefront of assistive technology and special education pushing the boundaries of what is possible for delivering the most advanced, effective and empowering communication and computer access tools available.

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The Allergan Brand portfolio features six blockbuster franchises in key therapeutic categories, including
Dermatology and Aesthetics • CNS • Eye Care • Women’s Health and Urology • GI and Cystic Fibrosis • Cardiovascular and Infectious Disease

Allergan and Pfizer to combine in 2016:
“The proposed combination of Pfizer and Allergan will create a leading global pharmaceutical company with the strength to research, discover and deliver more medicines and therapies to more people around the world,” stated Ian Read, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Pfizer.

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www.allergan.com  |  www.botox.com



By CONNIEHANSEN designs and provides walking and running equipment to you who are challenged on mobility. We are sensitive to your unique combination of challenge, your skills and endeavor to make the best of life. Our Mission is internationally to offer high quality, affordable versatile equipment meeting needs of users, cares and therapist. Make reliable functioning and proper fitted equipment that inspire participation. To make each provided equipment an integrated part of the users? body, self-esteem and attitude towards life.



C-Pro Direct exists to support medical professionals, parents and children affected by paediatric orthopaedic conditions of the lower limbs. C-Pro Direct designs, manufactures and sells various products to help parents and children better manage a variety of conditions affecting the lower limbs, particularly conditions which affect the ability of the foot to abduct and dorsiflex.

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Etac develops products and services that create possibilities for users and caregivers. Today we can offer a wide range of solutions for mobility with manual wheelchairs, advanced seating solutions, solutions for patient transfer and vital solutions needed for everyday life including classic products for bathing and toilet. We also provide technical aids and appliances from R82 for disabled children and young people. R82 has been a part of Etac since December 2011.

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Made for Movement develops and provides helping aids that give those who are unable to move by themselves the opportunity to participate in daily activities. Interaction with others in a standing position and the ability to move, increase the feeling of accomplishment and inclusion, while at the same time preventing diagnose-related complications. Our highly-skilled helping aid consultants coach and advice individually; sharing knowledge, motivate and custom-fit devices for an optimised experience and outcome. To learn more about NF-Walker and Innowalk, please visit the website.

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Motekforce Link provides innovative products for treatment of movement disorders in clinical rehabilitation. Our high-quality rehabilitation products with real-time feedback use augmented/virtual reality techniques combined with motion platforms, instrumented treadmills and motion-capture to study/treat/train (impaired) human movement. All these technologies were already available in our CAREN and GRAIL systems and can now be purchased separately in our modular M-Gait system. For clinical use: C-Mill is a treadmill that uses visual cues on the belt surface and acoustic cues for training and evaluation of gait patterns. The C-Mill allows for learning gait adaptability strategies through obstacle avoidance in a safe and controlled environment.

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Mun-H-Center is a Swedish orofacial resource centre for rare diseases and belongs to the Public Dental Service in the region Västra Götaland, Sweden. We provide highly specialized dental care based on the best available scientific knowledge and tried and tested clinical experience. Our mission is to gather, document and spread knowledge about oral health and orofacial function in rare medical and dental conditions. Mun-H-Center is also a centre for orofacial assistive devices for dental treatment, oral care and oromotor therapy.

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RaceRunning Sweden is run by a non-profit disability organisation in Sweden. Together with two other sport clubs we are running a 3-year project, funded by Arvsfonden (the national inheritege fund) in order to spread the most beautiful sport in the world. RaceRunning is performed on a 3-wheel running bike which enables people with severe disabilities to get up and run although they are not able to stand or walk by themselves, or to use their arms. Everyone who has the slightest ability to move their legs can be a RaceRunner and go from being a passive spectator to an active athlete.

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Smartbox creates and supplies assistive technology solutions to help people with disabilities communicate, access computers and control the environment around them; combining the latest hardware with the very best software. Our award winning AAC software includes Grid 3, The Grid 2 and the popular Look to Learn.
Picomed is the supplier of Smartbox products in Sweden, but also developer of Environment controls and a supplier of a vast selection of assistive technology in the AAC field.

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TeamOlmed is one of the largest providers of orthotic and prosthetic patient care in Sweden. Based on medical referrals, in close collaboration with other professions, we evaluate and provide solutions in the field of prostheses and orthoses for children, youth and adults. Our goal is to enhance and / or preserve the individual’s function and ability, and thus empower the person in their own environment based on participation, care and engagement.

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Wiley is a global provider of knowledge and knowledge-enabled services in areas of research, professional practice and education. Developing digital education, learning, assessment and certification, partnering with societies, supporting researchers to communicate discoveries. Our digital content, books and 1600 online journals build on a 200 year heritage of quality publishing.

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