Finding The Way: Overcoming Sociocultural Barriers That Impact Well Being of Children With Disabilities.

 DrKakoozaMAngelina NailaKhan

Armstrong R W, Kenya; Bornman J, South Africa; Kakooza-Mwesige A, Uganda; Khan N Z, Bangladesh

Translating local research into global recommendations and back to local context.

IlonaAuttiRamo iona_novak

Autti-Rämö ISK, Finland; Novak I, Australia

The Visual Function Classification System: a new classification system for visual function in children with Cerebral Palsy.


Baranello G, Italy; Rosenbaum P, Canada; Denver BD, Australia; Haataja L, Finland

Cerebral palsy – the invisible aspects of the disability.

LouiseBottcher warschausky stadskleiv kaufman SiljaPirila TamarSilberg Ahonniska_Assa_J

Boettcher L, Dennmark; Warschausky S, USA; Stadskleiv K, Norway; Kaufman J, USA; Pirilä S, Finland; Silberg T, Israel; Ahonniska-Assa J, Israel; Hakkarainen E, Finland.

When training executive functions makes a difference: for whom, when, how (and why).


Brovedani1 P, Italy; Cortese S, UK; Klingberg T, Sweden; Anderson PJ, Australia; Pecini C, Italy

Autism spectrum disorder: unraveling complexity, early detection, disability assessment, transition to adulthood, and social skills training.

Sven Bölte TatjaHirvikoski KristiinaTammimies soheilmahdi TerjeFalckYtter

Bölte S, Sweden; Hirvikoski T, Sweden; Tammimies K, Sweden; Mahdi S, Sweden; Falck-Ytter T, Sweden

Acquired brain injury in developing children: perspectives on neurological and neuropsychological disorders and their rehabilitation.

castelli CatherineAaroJonsson hawley E_Gunnarson IngelaKristensson

Castelli E, Italy;  Aaro Jonsson C, Sweden; Hawley C, UK; Gunnarson E, Sweden; Kristiansen I, Sweden

The End Organ: Muscle in Cerebral Palsy.

HankChambers RichardLieber MartinGough AdamShortland Barber_L

Chambers HG, USA;  Lieber RL, USA; Gough M, UK; Shortland A, UK; Barber L, Australia

Action-observation training: a new approach for rehabilitation of motor disorders in children.

GiovanniCioni, BertSteenbergen GiuseppinaSgandurra AnnaBasu StefanoVicari

Giovanni Cioni, Italy;  Bert Steenbergen, Netherlands; Giuseppina Sgandurra, Italy; Anna Basu, UK; Stefano Vicari, Italy

Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy: from better understanding towards a targeted management.

MonbaliuElegast JeanPierreLin DanielLumsden LauraBonouvrie ElsOrtibus KateHimmelmann

Elegast Monbaliu E, Belgium; Lin JP UK; Lumsden D, UK; Bonouvrie L, Netherlands; Ortibus E, Belgium; Himmelmann K, Sweden

Go Baby Go; creating technology and training that lets a kid act like a kid.


Galloway C, USA

Involving children with long term health conditions and disabilities as participants in longitudinal studies

Mats_Granlund AleciaSamuels   

Granlund M, Sweden; Samuels A, Sweden; Björkman B, Sweden; Björk M, Sweden; Adolfsson M, Sweden

Early intervention: promising perspectives of recent trials.

MijnaHaddersAlgra AnnChristinEliasson AndreaGuzzetta AleidvanWassenaer

Hadders-Algra M, Netherlands; Eliasson AC, Sweden; Guzzetta A, Italy, van Wassenaer-Leemhuis A. Netherlands

Epidemiology, risk factors and neuroimaging in cerebral palsy – current knowledge and news.
Can we predict the future?

KateHimmelmann OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ElodieSellier EveBlair SarahMcIntyre

Himmelmann K, Sweden; Blair E, Australia; Sellier E, France; Horber V, Germany; Mcintyre S, Australia

An overview/update of evaluation &management of pain in people with Cerebral Palsy.

JHymanColumbia Columbia Orthopedics_OCT 9, 2014 DFehlingsBloorview

Hyman JE, USA; Matsumoto H, USA; Fehlings D, Canada

Optimizing movement exploration and mobility in infants at risk for
developmental delays or Cerebral Palsy: Timing, content, and dosing.

Kolobe jill SmithBA Sargent

Kolobe THA, USA; Heathcock J, USA; Smith BA, USA; Sargent B, USA

Homage to Bengt and Gudrun Hagberg - teachers, tutors, friends.

 KateHimmelmann skeldal 

Kyllerman M, Sweden, Himmelmann K, Sweden, Skeldal O, Norway, Sjödin T, Sweden

Mini-symposium. Cerebral palsy: New evidence of genetic causation: Future directions.

AlastairMaclennan CORBETT JozefGecz vanEykClare Kruer

MacLennan A, Australia, Corbett M, Australia, Gecz J, Australia, van Eyk C, Australien, Kruer M, USA

Healthy living through leisure participation.

annette KeikoShikakoThomas DFehlingsBloorview Maltais

Majnemer A, Canada; Thomas KS, Canada; Fehlings D, Canada; Maltais D, Canada

Success of a Multidisciplinary Approach in a Resource Constrained Country – An Experience.

ProfShaziaMaqbool DrAishaFarid WajeehaZahra

Maqbool S, Pakistan; Farid A, Pakistan; Zahra W, Pakistan

International Clinical Guidelines for Early Detection and Early Neurorehabilitation
of infants with CP – evidence and opportunities.

CMorgan iona_novak AndreaGuzzetta ASpittle Romeo

Morgan C Australia; Novak I, Australia; Guzzetta A, Italy; Spittle A, Australia; Romeo D, Italy

Pediatric Rehabilitation Services: Expanding Horizons.

RPalisano LChiarello DBartlett SMcCoy

Palisano PJ, USA; Chiarello LA, USA; Bartlett DJ, Canada; Mccoy SW, USA

Motor speech disorders in childhood: diagnosis, assessment and management.

SONY DSC AngelaMorgan ErikaLevy FrederiqueLiegeois ElizabethMurray

Pennington L, UK; Morgan AT, Australia; Levy, ES, USA; Liegeois F, UK; Murray E, Australia

Improving saliva control – a multidisciplinary approach to assessment and management
from the Australian and Dutch teams.

dinahreddihough LBaker PeterJongerius karenVanHulst suereid VanderBurgJan

Reddihough D, Austalia; Baker L, Australia; Jongerius P, Netherlands; Van Hulst K, Netherlands; Reid SM, Australia; Van Der Burg J, Netherlands 

Creation of a National CP Registry & Its Use as a Platform for Discovery.

CarolRichards MaryamOskoui annette MichaelShevell

Richards C, Canada; Oskoui M, Canada; Majnemer A, Canada; Shevell M, Canada

Beyond borders. Best practices to promote self-management and life skills of
emerging adults with childhood onset disability.

Roebroeck Gorter vanderSlot GillianKing

Roebroeck MJ, Netherlands; Gorter JW, Canada; Van Der Slot WMA, Netherlands; King G, Canada

Augmented mobility and participation for children with cerebral palsy.

ElisabetRodbyBousquet GinnyPaleg RoslynLivingstone   DebbieField

Rodby Bousquet E, Sweden; Paleg G, USA; Livingstone R, Canada; Field D, Canada

ICF Core Sets for children and youth with CP: Embracing functional abilities and cultural differences.

SchiaritiV Bhattacharya DrSIbrahim MariaKrol

Schiariti V, Canada; Bhattacharya A, India; Ibrahim S, Pakistan; Krol M, Poland

Spinal Deformity in Cerebral Palsy: A Discussion of
Treatments and Review of Outcomes

M_Wade_Shrader Freeman_Miller JHymanColumbia AthanosTsirikos

Shrader W, USA; Miller F, USA; Hyman J, USA; Tsirikos A, Scotland

Cost effective prevention and management of Cerebral Palsy

 Prof_P_Singhi Prof_M_Johnston MichaelShevell Reddy_SK_Sunanda
Singhi P, India; Johnston M, USA, Shevell M, Canada; Reddy SK, India

Long term consequences of Cerebral Palsy.

vanderSlot Roebroeck Jahnsen Verheijden

Van Der Slot WMA, Netherlands; Roebroeck ME, Netherlands, Jahnsen RB, Norway; Verheijden J, Netherlands

Supporting lifelong health-related fitness and physical behaviour among
individuals with Cerebral Palsy.

vanderSlot Peterson JWGorter HJGvandenBerg

Van Der Slot,W, Netherlands; Mark D Peterson MD, USA; Gorter JW, Canada; Van Den Berg-Emons RJG, Netherlands

Physical activity in cerebral palsy across the continuum.

VerschurenOlaf balemansAstrid Dallmeijer Peterson Hurvitz

Verschuren O, Netherlands; Balemans A, Netherlands; Dallmeijer A, Netherlands; Peterson M, USA; Hurvitz E, USA

Brain structure and motor and cognitive development in infants, children, and young adults born preterm

 Vollmer KerstinPannek RosBoyd U_Aden kraegeloh_mann_ingeborg 
Vollmer B, UK; Pannek K, Australia; Boyd R Australia, Åden U, Sweden; Kraegeloh-Mann I, Germany

Investigating brain structure and function in Cerebral Palsy – State of the art and emerging technologies.

Vollmer kraegeloh_mann_ingeborg RosBoyd Guzetta Clark_C gcioni ??????????
Vollmer B, UK; Kraegeloh-Mann I, Germany; Boyd R, Australia; Guzzetta A, Italy; Clark C, UK; Cioni G, Italy; Damiano D, USA

Prevention of Cerebral Palsy and Childhood Disability - Is the Impossible Possible?

DavidWalker Hayley_Dickinson Jan_Derks JJ_Hirst Suzie_Miller Irina_Burd Peta_Grigsby Mary_Tolcos

Walker D, Australia; Dickinson H, Australia; Derks J, Netherlands; Hirst JJ, Australia; Miller S, Australia: Burd I, USA; Grigsby P, Australia; Tolcos M, Australia