Orthopaedics in cerebral palsy


Orthopaedics in cerebral palsy - Challenge the controversies

31 May, 12.00 PM – 1 June, 12.00 PM

Venue: Nobel Forum, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm


Tuesday May 31 – GAIT (GMFCS I-III)

Natural history

Gait development in Spastic unilateral CP (Hemiplegia). Riad

Gait development in Spastic bilateral CP (Diplegia). Miller


Torsion deformities

What are the indications for femoral derotation osteotomy? Dreher

What are the indications for tibial derotation osteotomy? Rutz

Controversy: Open vs minimal invasive technique? Panel: Narayanan, Riad, Rutz, Dreher


Sagittal deformities

Crouch – Biomechanical aspects of crouch. Brunner

What is the etiology of crouch and the role of Pelvic tilt? Chambers

Controversy: Treatment of knee flexion in crouch – bony versus soft-tissue; best timing. Panel: Miller, Brunner, Chambers, Gough


Foot deformities Assessment

The role of clinical exam, radiology, pedobarography and EMG. Miller

The role of motion/gait analysis and the Oxford foot model. Theologis

Question and Discussion


Foot deformities Treatment

Orthotic Management of CP feet. Brunner

Role of botulinum toxin and or casting. Viehweger

Question and Discussion

Planovalgus surgical correction (Timing, indications, methods). Brunner

Equinus and equinovarus surgical correction (Timing, indications, methods). Nararyanan

Controversy: Surgery – joint preservation or fusion? Panel: Miller, Viehweger, Brunner, Nararyanan



Perform all surgery in one sitting (SEMLS). Hägglund, Theologis, Gough

Wednesday, June 1 – HIP (GMFCS IV-V)

Introduction - pathophysiology

Introduction. Hägglund

The etiology of hip displacement, windblown hip and interaction with scoliosis in CP. Miller

Questions and discussion


Hip prevention

Hip surveillance – what are the main challenges and obstacles? Hägglund

What is the role of non-operative treatment? Chambers

What is the role of adductor surgery? Hägglund

What is the role of femoral and pelvic osteotomy? Brunner

Controversy: Preventive or reactive approach? Panel: Miller, Dreher, Narayanan


The consequences of the dislocated hip

Impact of seating and balance problems. Rodby-Bousquet

Pain in children and adults with hip dislocation. Gough

Nonoperative treatment of the painful hip. Chambers

Managing the severe windblown hip with and without scoliosis. Rutz

Palliative options for treating the painful hip. Jozwiak

Controversy: Reconstruct the dislocated hip vs palliative hip surgery


Panel discussion of 3 cases 1: GMFCS V - painful hip deformed age 12, GMFCS III/IV - painful dislocation, Windblown hip with scoliosis age 14 GMFCS V. Hägglund – Moderator; Panel: Jozwiak, Brunner, Gough, Rodby-Bousquet, Chambers, Rutz.


Organisation committee

Hans Forssberg
Gunnar Hägglund
Eva Pontén

Scientific committee

Gunnar Hägglund
Hans Forssberg
Eva Pontén
Freeman Miller
Unni Narayanan
Reinald Brunner


 Reinald Brunner  Basel
 Hank Chambers  San Diego
 Thomas Dreher  Heidelberg
 Martin Gough  London
 Gunnar Hägglund  Sweden
 Marek Jozwiak  Poznan
 Freeman Miller  Wilmington
 Unni Narayanan  Toronto
 Jacques Riad  Sweden
 Elisabet Rodby Bousquet  Sweden
 Erich Rutz  Basel
 Tim Theologis  Oxford
 Elke Viehweger  Marseille