Panel discussions

Spasticity: Good or Bad?

GunnarHagglund Brunner_R ?????????? MartinGough Freeman_Miller

Hägglund G, Sweden; Brunner R, Switzerland; Damiano D, USA; Gough M, UK; Miller F, USA

Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy in CP:  Beneficial or harmful?

HankChambers Graham_Fieggen Becher_Jules Freeman_Miller Kristina Tedroff

Chambers H, USA; Fieggen G, South Africa; Becher J, Netherlands; Miller F, USA; Tedroff K, Sweden


Virtual Reality Based Therapy in Cerebral Palsy:
Current Evidence and Future Directions.

DrDeepakSharan Patrice_Tamar RosBoyd

Deepak Sharan D, India; Weiss PL, Israel; Boyd R, Australia

From Basic Science to Clinical Application: Translational Neuroscience
and Potential.Treatment Implications for Cerebral Palsy.

Gordon Martin hansforssberg GillickProfessional KathleenFriel

Gordon AM, USA; Martin JH, USA; Forssberg H, Sweden; Gillick BT, USA; Friel KM, USA

Gait Analysis: clinical sense or nonsense.

JaapHarlaar EvaBrostrom AnnemiekeBuizer AdamShortland MikeSchwartz

Harlaar J, Netherlands; Broström E, Sweden; Anemiske BuizerNetherlands; Shortland A, UK; Schwartz M, USA

Partnership in Knowledge Exchange to translation
– engaging in possibilities opportunities, and challenges.

EvaNordmark JWGorter Russelll Marjo MargaretWallen CImms Ann_Alriksson_Schmidt

Nordmark E, Sweden; Gorter JW, Canada; Russell D, Canada; Ketelaar M, Netherlands; Wallen M, Australia; Imms C, Australia; Ann Alriksson-Schmidt, Sweden

What about us? Finding solution to the challenges of providing therapy services
to children with cerebral palsy living in underserved African settings.

GillianSaloojee R_wanjagua CorneliStrydom MartinNafukho

Saloojee G, South Africa; Wanjagua R, Kenya; Strydom C, South Africa; Nafukho M, Kenya

Prevention of CP – where are we up to?

Nadia DFehlingsBloorview iona_novak SarahMcIntyre KW suereid

Badawi N, Australia; Fehlings D, Canada; Novak I, Australia; MacIntyre S, Australia Reid S, Australia; Walker K, Australia;