Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy: consensus and controversies


Preliminary Program

Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy: consensus and controversies

Selection, screening, surgical technique and rehabilitation programs

Date & Time: 1 June 2016, 8.00am -12.00am
Venue: Karolinska hospital, Stockholm


Physiology of spasticity.
Evolution of neurosurgical interventions for spasticity.
George Georgoulis, Lyon
Marc Sindou, Lyon
Selection and screening
Current selection and screening procedures for SDR. Jeroen Vermeulen, Maastricht
Judy Gooch, SLC
Surgical techniques
The role of neurophysiology.
Neurosurgical techniques.
Nico Enslin, Cape Town
Patrick Mertens, Lyon
Kristian Aquilina, London
Post-operative management
Rehabilitation and orthotic treatment after SDR. Jules Becher, Amsterdam
Sebastian Grunt, Bern
Long-term outcomes of SDR Marcie Ward, St Paul
Nelleke Langerak, Cape Town

Future directions
Chaired by Jules Becher, Amsterdam; Graham Fieggen, Cape Town and Marc Sindou, Lyon

Organising committee:
Graham Fieggen, Nelleke G. Langerak, Robert Lamberts, Jules Becher, Jeroen Vermeulen, Sebastian Grunt,


Jules Becher Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sebastian Grunt Bern, Switzerland
Graham Fieggen/ Nelleke Langerak/ Nico Enslin Cape Town, RSA
Kristian Aquilina London, UK
Marc Sindou/ Patrick Mertens/ George Georgoulis Lyon, France
Jeroen Vermeulen Maastricht, Netherlands
Marcie Ward St Paul, MN, USA
Judy Gooch Salt Lake City, UT, USA