Ultrasound guided botulinum toxin injections

Ultrasound guided botulinum toxin injections – instructional course

Short Aim
To be able to locate clinically relevant muscles for botulinum toxin injections in CP.

Place: Granitsalen, T4, Karolinska sjukhuset, Stockholm
Date: May 31
Time: 8-11 AM

Scientific committee
A. Sebastian Schroeder, Florian Heinen, Steffen Berweck, Eva Ponten, Katharine E. Alter

IPSEN Pharma


08:00-08:05 Welcome - Florian Heinen
08:05-08:20 Ultrasound technical background - Katharine E. Alter
08:20-08:30 Ultrasound clinical background – Sebastian Schroeder/Steffen Berweck
08:30-10:40 Hands-on sessions:
20 min. Shoulder/upper arm
40 min. forearm/thumb & hand
10 min break/discussion
30 min distal lower limb
30 min. proximal lower limb incl. hip
10:40- 11:00 Discussion and wrap up


Volunteers interested to model for lower limb muscles please contact A.S. Schroeder: [email protected]